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There are many ways in which your classes can engage with Hertford Museum. Whether you would like to visit us, or us to visit you, take a look at the table below for the object handling and gallery based sessions currently on offer to school groups.

Session Overview Key Stage(s) Outreach? National Curriculum links

*Most Popular*

Roman Foxholes

Discover the everyday lives of local Romans living at Foxholes Farm. Handle archaeological finds and explore the impact of the Roman invasion. Visit our very own captive Corn Dryer! (Also available in schools without visiting the Corn Dryer) KS2 Yes History -The Romans in Britain and Local History
Meet the Ancestors - A Prehistoric Family Discover the ordinary lives of local prehistoric people who lived and worked on Foxholes Farm thousands of years ago.  Handle real and replica items and take part in activities to explore family prehistoric life. KS2 Yes History - Stone Age to the Iron Age, Changes Beyond Living Memory and Local History
*Most Popular* Nelly's Toy Box Meet Nelly, the granddaughter of our museum founder and her toys.  Your class will play with real and replica toys and explore our toy display. FS, KS1 & KS2 Yes History – Changes within Living Memory
Fossil Hunters Learn how fossils are made and handle some 150 million year old specimins. FS, KS1 & KS2 Yes Science – Working Scientifically and Rocks and Fossils
1914 - 1918 THE FIRST WORLD WAR  Hertford’s Hero Learn about Corporal Alfred Burt, a local man who won the Victoria Cross during WWI.  The session uses costume, objects and documents to give a sense of the local impact of a world conflict. KS 1, 2 & 3 Yes History – The First World War, Significant Individuals, Changes Beyond Living Memory and Local History
From Bull Plain to the Battlefields
Explore the impact of the First World War in Hertford and learn the stories of those who served in the Hertfordshire Regiment. Using a case study of a local housing area, ‘The Folly’ with maps, census records and objects, pupils will draw wider connections and deepen historical enquiry. KS3 & KS4 No History- The First World War
Challenges for Britain,
Europe and the
wider world 1901 to
the present day
A local history study
An Animal Gathering Come and meet the family!  Explore our Natural History and Geology collections and discover their origins, features and characteristics.  Using real specimens, this session is not to be missed. FS, KS1 & KS2 No Science – Biology Animals & Evolution and Inheritance
Who was Wallace? Alfred Russel Wallace was a Victorian pioneer, naturalist and explorer.   Become an explorer for the day and dscover the man, his theories and adventures. KS2 & 3 No History – Significant Individuals 
Science – Biology Evolution and Inheritance
Inventions and Innovations Discover the more mysterious objects in our collection, both hands-on and in the galleries! KS1 & KS2 No History – Changes within Living Memory
Science – Everyday Materials
Archaeology Detectives Explore the archaeology collections on display in Hertford Museum and take part in a ‘blanket dig’ KS1 & KS2 Yes History - Stone Age to the Iron Age Changes Beyond Living Memory  and Thematic Study
Hertford's Home Front Explore ordinary life in wartime Hertford (WW2), with real objects, documents and photographs KS2 & 3 Yes History - Local History
Hertford Town Tour Explore this gem of a town with a tour - there’s more to it than you think! KS1, 2 & 3 No History - Local History
A Victorian Tour of Hertford A new take on the traditional tour of Hertford!  This tour introduces your students to the highs and lows of Victorian Hertford, through it’s buildings KS1, 2 & 3 No History - Local History


The ideas for these sessions were developed in consultation with local teachers.

Session costs

Sessions at the museum cost £1.50 per child for SG13 & SG14 schools, and £2.50 per child for all other schools.

Outreach sessions are charged at £60 per hour.

Is there something you do not see here?

Perhaps you have a topic or subject specific themed week you would like support with? Or a subject area that you would like advice on delivering?

Whatever your query, drop me a line! We are always keen to hear from teachers about how Hertford Museum and our services for schools can best work for you and your classes.

To book a museum visit or outreach session please contact Joanne Marychurch, Learning Officer
T: 01992 582686 E: learning.hertfordmuseum@btconnect.com

Please click here for resources to help you with your visit.

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