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Disability And Access

This guide has been produced to assist and enable our visitors with disabilities to enjoy to the full their visit to Hertford Museum.

Hertford Museum welcomes visitors with disabilities, together with their helpers or carers, and we actively seek to promote and provide equal opportunity for all who visit us. We would wish to encourage everyone to fully enjoy the range of facilities and entertainment available.

Arranging your visit

The museum is open 10am-5pm Tuesday to Saturday and admission is free. There is usually a small charge for specific events or workshops. The museum is located on Bull Plain, just off Maidenhead Street in the centre of the town. The road is accessible by car. There are double yellow lines outside the museum.

Parking is available on Bull Plain (limited to 30 mins) and in the multi storey car park on Gascoyne Way or Bircherley Green and in St Andrew Street (short stay) which are close by in the town. There are 3 disabled badge holder spaces at the other end of Bull Plain.

For more information about Hertford Museum's services, please contact the museum on 01992 582686 and ask to speak to the Curator, Helen Gurney. Alternatively, please email the museum on info@hertfordmuseum.org.

Access to the Museum services

Hertford Museum is located in a Grade II listed building that dates back to 1610. It opened as a museum in 1914 and the museum is now a registered charity and a registered museum which receives support from Hertford Town Council. It relies heavily on public support and donations.

The museum re-opened to the public in February 2010 after a major Heritage Lottery funded development project which involved improving the museum's services so that the local community and other visitors can get access to and enjoy their heritage.


The entrance is on one level and the front door is always open during opening hours. When the museum is closed (Mondays and Sundays), there is a bell to alert members of staff for deliveries.

The lobby has automatic doors which open in to give visitors access into the main building.

Ground Floor

As you enter the automatic doors, there is a lectern which has a raised orientation map on it to show visitors the building layout.

To the left of the entrance is the resource room, three computers for visitors to use (internet access and printing facility) and a doorway leading into our exhibitions room. There is also a touch screen kiosk for visitors to access the photographic collection.

To the right of the entrance is the visitor computers right of the entrance is the reception area (with a wheelchair accessible desk height) and museum shop. The reception desk has a hearing loop fitted.

Some of the items in the museum shop are on high level shelving, but staff are always at reception and are more than happy to help assist people.

There is a ramp with a handrail leading from the museum shop and reception desk into the museum displays. The flooring here changes from carpet to wooden floor boards. The room is painted a dark red and has 5 different sized display cases with different objects in and items hung on the wall.

Straight ahead is the platform lift that leads onto the next level (for the toilets, Andrews Room and out into the garden). Staff will help visitors with using this lift. On the other side of the room is the platform lift that leads to the first floor displays. Staff will help visitors with using this lift.

Straight ahead are three steps leading to the next level.

Toilets and Andrews Room

At the next level there is a small lobby area (carpeted). The walls are a lighter colour.

To the right is a wheelchair accessible WC also fitted with a toilet suitable for a small child and a nappy changing facility. There is an emergency pull cord in this room which will alert staff at reception. This room has a tiled floor with light coloured walls.

Straight ahead is the Andrews Room which is a multi purpose room for activities, school visits and groups. This is not always open. You can find out in advance what's on at the museum on the website or ask staff at reception. This has a lino floor and is brightly coloured with high windows. This room opens out onto the museum garden. There are cupboards at either end of the room and the room will often be laid out with tables and chairs. There are two doors that lead out into the museum garden with push bars.

To the left is a short corridor with a toilet for ambulant disabled people and another toilet next to this. These are for either male or female. Both have a tiled floor with blue tiled walls.

Nearby is a door with a push bar out into the museum garden.

Museum garden

The museum garden can be accessed from this area. There is a shingle path around a central knot work design and other beds with plants around. There is a 'camomile seat' for visitors to sit on. There are three wide steps at the other end to take visitors to the lower level. There is also a wheelchair ramp available which staff can provide to enable wheelchair access down to the lower level.

The lower level has a large fire door and other flower beds as well as a small seating area. This leads round (on a shingle path) to the rear of the museum where visitors can return to the museum and either climb the stairs to the first floor or go back to the displays on the ground floor.

First floor

The first floor can be approached either by the platform lift in the ground floor display area or by climbing the stairs.

In the ground floor display area there is a door that leads to a lobby where two flights of stairs lead up to a spacious lobby area with glass panes allowing visitors to see through into the displays.

There are doors on either side of the staircase that lead to the displays.

The first floor displays is one open area. The whole area is carpeted and is on one level. There are a variety of display cases of different sizes with lots of objects in them. There are text panels in each case with labels. There are also signs above most of the display cases to tell visitors what they contain. Most of the objects are in cases. Some are hanging from the ceiling. There is a dentist chair on open display.

There are tactile objects on some or nearby some of the display cases.

There are interactive exhibits such as a spinning zoetrope, dressing up box for children, an old school desk, a shop role play area and a magnetic 'wartime evacuee' interactive.

There are 4 'listening posts' around the displays which have soundtracks relating to different themes such as school days, working, free time. Typed transcripts of these are available at reception or on the window sills near the dentist chair.

Near the lift entrance, there is a ceiling mounted ring display of well known Hertford faces which are numbered. Visitors can use the old fashioned black phone and dial a number to find out more information about each Hertford face. Next to this is typed information relating to each face.

From either door out of this area, visitors can retrace their steps back downstairs. Access back down to the ground floor is also available using the platform lift near the Hertford Faces ring.

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